JayeshRaikar / Jayesh Raikar 1 year ago
Burning the Amazon We need a Vocalist for the following Lyrics (not Accepted unless found fine by the Vocalist): https://www.kompoz.com/music/collaboration/950350/file/950715 Do have a look at the Comment for the Track to refer to and Suggestions Thank You


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jannik   commented 1 year ago

Thanks for sharing Jayesh! I'm having a real difficult time getting to kompoz in the evening so I appreciate that you're pushing this one too! I opened it up for spin-offs so if you get tired of my inactivity then you're more than welcome to create a spinoff :) Cheers Jannik


JayeshRaikar   commented 1 year ago

Chillax man. It's all good. All of us have a schedule, so i understand But yeah, the song needs the push