JenCarie / Jennifer Carie 5mo+2dy ago
It is such an honor to work with these men and their incredible gifts and talent. Nicolaoffidani is like a musical soul mate to me. I heard his original of this song and went straight into worship before the Lord. I worked with my dad on the lyrics and tried my best to capture, vocally, that gospel sound. I hope I did it justice and that you all like it. Your encouragement means the world to me! :D <3 THANK YOU to : Pascal Pascaloubien who created even more crevices of depth and spirit to that Gospel sound. Milt mlbarney2001 to join in with his gorgeous gift of sax. Raul FIGSOUNDS and Philippe bassman78br for working with me on this version. I'll have this song forever, now. <3


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Suggins   commented 5mo+2dy ago

Great work Jen! Love it ;)

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JenCarie   commented 5mo+2dy ago

Thanks so much, Randy! :)))

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WillaWay   commented 5mo+2dy ago

Beautiful contributions from all involved in this great song:)

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DocDaFunk   commented 5mo+2dy ago


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FidlerSongs   commented 5 months ago

This is such a Beautiful song and vocal Jen! :):) Truly great and talented musicians on this track, this is amazing Jen, Pascal, Nicola, Milt Raul and Phillipe!:)

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JenCarie   commented 5 months ago

Thanks, Willa, Doc and Sue!! :D xoxoxo