Ferrito / Dean Ferrito 9mo+8dy ago
I?m working on the new Sec2nd Place album and I?m looking for a female vocalist to provide vocals in a duet. The song has been floating around for a while in different guises, never quite hitting the mark. So I have completely rewritten and recorded the music and it works really well. But it?s a duet, and I?m just one dude, need the love interest of the track. It?s quite a heavy rock ballad on the surface, so the vocalist will need to carry her voice to make it work, but despite the guitars, it has a real emotional side to it which almost counteracts the heavy distortion. I?m looking to turn this around quickly as the album is really taking shape and I would hate to keep this track back. Awful scratch vocal idea by me - hideous version, included on the page with previous music version, but it will give an idea to the rough melody. Full royalty split sheet for inclusion on the album as well as a possible single release. Cheers!


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MikeJM   commented 9mo+8dy ago

Great to hear you're still out there rocking on. Been a while :D Welcome home! \m/


Ferrito   commented 9mo+8dy ago

Hey Mike! Yeah, been quite a while!! Been totally swamped with ?Trace the Sidewalk? which has been doing awesome!! Met the lead singer here on Kompoz. How?s things with you buddy?