GeorgeSC / George Schiessl 7mo+22dy ago
Hey guys and gals. Thanks for all the K-Day wishes. It has been such a great pleasure to be here for 5 years. I have interacted with some great people and great musicians and great lyric writers. This place is truly one of the great things in my life. So looking back this is one of my favorites. Joey 6 Tim Myers Jeff Maxwell Me : ))


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BrotherRat   commented 7mo+22dy ago

Hey.. I missed it!! Happy !HAPPY! K-Day !! belated??)

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GeorgeSC   commented 7mo+22dy ago

Thanks Ray!

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joel_sattlersongs   commented 7mo+22dy ago

Thank you, George. Yer a mensch. .


jannik   commented 7mo+19dy ago

Happy belated kday George! Thanks for the many times you've helped me out :)

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GeorgeSC   commented 7mo+19dy ago

Always my pleasure )