WillaWay / WillaWay Studio 1yr+3mo ago
I've never been good at mixing. First reason being that as much information there is on the subject, it was very scattered and a lot of times somewhat subjective. It's a lot lot to learn and if you don't have a chunk of time to dedicate to mixing it can be somewhat overwhelming. This has always been the case for me at least. Here though I have stumbled on something very useful and in a "compact" fashion. I have found it very interesting and hope to improve in the mixing area by using these techniques. I am sharing this video as it may help someone who is "struggling" with mixing as I was/am:) Edit: If this isn't the place to post such a video, my apologies


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Fractician   commented 1yr+3mo ago

Thanks for the link!

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SidiousSounds   commented 1yr+3mo ago

ill take all the help I can get. LOL