offthewall / James Fraser 1yr+3mo ago
A few weeks back young Mike Mantecon posted these lyrics to go with his 5th anniversary here at Kompoz. It tells the tale of his growth from insecure young boy with a head full of words into the confident and mature songwriter that he is now. After I put it to music and started to record I felt that the chorus had come out very hymnal in feel With that in mind I drafted in Nigel (Gemini) on church organ and as a choirboy along with Kris (Pride) to give me the full choral experience. Can't get this one out of my head! Thank you Kompoz.


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Hines57   commented 1yr+3mo ago

Man, you guys always make a new song sound like it has always been here...a true classic! Kudos to Mike for the writing and making it all possible!!