BrotherRat / Ray Kaliss 31 days ago
.. THINK .. by The Jazz Intervention - Reggie and Friends. New Jazz. These player are just INCREDIBLE!! and they are here, at kompoz. Chill out and give a listen. Creator: Reggie Bouffard - Auburn Me USA Guitar: Nicola Offidani - Massignano AP Italy Tenor Sax: Dan Rosati - NJ USA Lead Guitar: Joey six - Oklahoma city USA Drums: Brian Henry - Milton Georgia USA Bass: Rob Glass - Vancouver BC Canada Audio/Production: BrotherRat / Lunatic Asylum


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Hines57   commented 31 days ago

Incredible is right! It IS amazing the talent that lives here! Smokey smooth powerful stuff!!

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liljoe6string   commented 31 days ago

cherry mix BrotherRat! u make us all sound better> ps damn that bass work is butter smooth!


nemonty   commented 28 days ago

Some wonderful music here, Reggie lays down such a colorful palate for creativity.