bagpipe / Derek Barlas 7mo+16dy ago
How difficult would it be to remove the "Play" icon from tracks which only have lyrics so far? Not that difficult you'd think, right?


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liljoe6string   commented 7mo+16dy ago

agreed very frustrating to hit and get nothing> Best option along your line of thinking is to have not play button displayed until ONE audio track is posted. Another and easily done.. is for lyrics peeps to put in the title... (lyric only) Example> made up project... Apples From Eden (lyric only) there you have it.. then after some music gets posted they can easily change the project name to just Apples From Eden... Ive seen a few folks do this.. and all should.. but you even have people set up projects.. and they sit for a week or more before they post the music????? how dumb is this... If your not ready to launch DONT!!..

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minime   commented 7mo+15dy ago

I often listen to the " New Collaborations " and all the time the Projects without Audio ! I know there are many reasons to create an empty Project ( Lyrics only or people want upload later or whatever ) and with a play icon only available when there is Audio is a very good idea ! Not sure how difficult this is because i am not a website programmer ! I like solutions who give people freedom to do whatever they like and with your idea everyone could be happy :-) The listener and also the people who create Projects without any Audio in it for whatever reason they have to do this ! 11 Points from 10 for the idea !

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VocalRun   commented 7mo+15dy ago

noTracks = () => if(tracks < 1){ delete play button} I don't know ES6 but if I did it would go something like that?

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RottGold   commented 7mo+15dy ago

I like it - here ya go, a C# version: if (uploadedAudioTracks.Count < 1) { btnPlaySong.Visible = false; displayNoAudioUploadedMessage = true; }

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VocalRun   commented 7mo+14dy ago

That's nice. Like it.

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MikeJM   commented 7mo+15dy ago

The other solution, of course, being that I upload a crappy vocal guide for each of my lyrics LOL

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rafj   commented 7mo+14dy ago

i think the lyrics should have their own button in the channels you can hit the button' lyrics' , and you see all the lyrics... or do we have this feature here somehow ?