LimberTwig / Bobby Watson 8mo+16dy ago
If you are curious about the loudness of your music just drag one of your mixes to this site. It will not upload your file and will do a very rapid analysis and let you know how much several of the major streaming platforms would raise or lower the loudness of your production for streaming on their site.


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sriracha   commented 8mo+16dy ago

Cory turned me onto that place a while back and I use it all the time. Great way to see exactly how your brickwalled ix will really be treated. :)

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LimberTwig   commented 8mo+16dy ago

Ran a couple of mine through there. I seem to be in line. No more than -1.0 on anything. I usually try to keep it down. I don't care much for looking at or hearing a 2X4 wave form. :)

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FingerFolkie   commented 8mo+15dy ago

Ha ha. That 2x4 waveform music is annoying and fatiguing to me also.