JenCarie / Jennifer Carie 8mo+10dy ago
Hey Ktown Fam... So I know 'theme days' dwindled but I thought I'd start a new trend... lol. Sorry I know that annoys some peeps but what can I do? We could call it "New Entertainers Worthy of Spotlight" Or "NEWS" lol... If any of ya'll see or communicate with artist needing work and guidance on the site, AND you don't want them to slip in the abyss, post away and highlight their work! :D This is Adam ( Adamplayz ) ... He reached out to me and I think his vocals and comp is amazing... He is open to ideas and asked that I suggest someone to help... Whatcha think? :) Love ya! xoxoxo Jen


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ChrystalKafka   commented 8mo+10dy ago

I love this! Thanks for putting it out there Jen. I might have missed adamplayz altogether if not for you, now following. It’s easy for anyone to be unheard and struggling in Kompoz. You done good!

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MikeLucas   commented 8mo+10dy ago

Awesome guitar solos!