leesharp / Lee Sharp 9mo+4dy ago
What ever happened to Steph Borel? The brilliant Kevin (Astronut) on drums. What happened to Kevin also come to think of it! Think it was Kevin anyway, quite a long time ago. Sorry for taking over the community page. There are so many more too. What Am I Gonna Do - ecopunkd


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ChrystalKafka   commented 9mo+3dy ago

I know!! Steph was one of our best...like you guys. Ok, I did a bit of stalking. In the time it took to write this note, I found her email and phone number. Thank you Google. Astronut is gone?! Sigh. So, you think we should say hi to Steph?

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ChrystalKafka   commented 9mo+3dy ago

Wait.....did i just get punked? Astronut isn't gone! Yayy!

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liljoe6string   commented 9mo+3dy ago

great track.. yea Borel was on! Kevin (Astronut) is still around.. me thinks


leesharp   commented 9mo+2dy ago

Thanks guys and girls. I Googled Steph too and she looks rather busy to say the least. Yes Astronut dropped a comment so alive and well. Good times!