BrotherRat / Ray Kaliss 25 days ago
Remembering Ashley Paige and a Dazzos tune.. Midweek Madness


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Midipunk   commented 25 days ago

They were great together (maybe still are I have no idea), banged on one: Working on your song now, needed some ear rinse.

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BrotherRat   commented 25 days ago

That was you, on drums, for Drunk Ass Fool?!! (never realized) a rocking song for sure and the drums were spot on in that tune. I had the seps at one point in order to mix it .. but I liked the whole sound of his mix .. so I let it ride.

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Midipunk   commented 25 days ago

He asked for seps and I asked him to leave it drumless for future drummers. 'This is a Kompoz Relic' has left my fingers a time or two. Couldn't find any evidence so this all happened in private messages or maybe a dream, they tend to blur together. You had a song about a homeless dude getting high behind a cathedral, been there maybe it's the one you're thinking of.