JenCarie / Jennifer Carie 8mo+24dy ago
This song that James LooknGlass wrote, spoke to me some much. As many of his do. I'm very grateful to have met you. You're a true brother for life now. Happy Kday!!! Jesus Reigns! <3 Jen


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LooknGlass   commented 8mo+24dy ago

Hey I'm the one that's lucky here, with you singing and Steves composition, with that great mix from Andreas. Love it. Thank you very much for the happy Kday,. I'm equally, if not more, grateful to have met you also.

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PolarBear   commented 8mo+24dy ago

A very powerful tune, .. thanks all of you.

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FidlerSongs   commented 8mo+24dy ago

Love it! Kudos to all you creative musical talents!!