mingyakyak / Tony Fleitas 7mo+8dy ago
beautiful Parmia what a voice..


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liljoe6string   commented 7mo+8dy ago


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Midipunk   commented 7mo+8dy ago

I only hear Figgy's drums.


Parm   commented 7mo+8dy ago

Nah...that nasty old b"#¤tch... ..your'e too sweet Tony... xx


Mack   commented 7mo+8dy ago

Tonys right, best vocal package on kompoz!! Shure makes me wanna fool around and make a fool of myself :)

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Hines57   commented 7mo+8dy ago

Wow!! Getting a little steamy there Parm:)) You ain't kiddin' Tony...beautiful Parmia, what a voice indeed!!


Parm   commented 7mo+7dy ago

Boys boys boys.... :p boys got the sexy voices yourselves! Even LilJoy!! I've heard it! \o/

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mingyakyak   commented 7mo+6dy ago

You guys/gal are funny...but I must admit, that was a great performance Parmia? and also by the rest of the ready Markus now that Parmia is back, Im working on a duet that I think it will be perfect for you two....GB Tony


Parm   commented 7mo+6dy ago

Now you just teasing me.. fooling around with Markus... *blush* :p ..also.. he's Swedish..he won't because we gonna beat them in icehockey again...... ;))


Mack   commented 7mo+6dy ago

Oboy...should have kept my foolish trap shut, duet talks makes me nervous, so take your time Tony :) And I hope you win in hockey Parmia, (Im not a sports fan, never was) so if you win Im just happy for YOU! ;)