ShannonB / Shannon Bannister 8mo+6dy ago
Happy kday Thomas. I'm exactly 2 days older, and I fully intend to hold those 2 days over you like a sister over her brother! :)))))


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Hines57   commented 8mo+6dy ago

Thank you Shannon!! I will defer to your 2 day seniority here, but I suppose we both are still noobies compared to some of these Kompoz old pros!! BTW, did you read my comment for "Bring It On"? Your vocals are really fantastic! That song is so cool!

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ShannonB   commented 8mo+6dy ago

Thank you, both for the seniority and the sweet comments. You're a peach! A little bit north for a GA peach, but close enough. :)))) I give all creds to the amazing JB, here longer that both of us, and a lover of noobies! :))) So, what's next?