VocalRun / Vocal Run 8mo+6dy ago
Did you all know there's a kind of Dance Music Hall of Fame? Uh-hmm. I'll bet it's means of entrance are diff than that other Hall of Fame.



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minime   commented 8mo+6dy ago

My dream was all the time to be one day in the " Hall Of Shame " but sigh is just a dream ;-)

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VocalRun   commented 8mo+6dy ago

I've got something coming up. In 2025 at the annual Eskimo Joe's OSU alumni party (approx. 50K showup to party on a tiny street that we used to slide down on the ice), they will open up a time-capsule they put in the sidewalk circa 1990 and I'm supposed to be in it. I was the lead in Hair that year and the director (deceased) said our VHS tape was in the capsule. I Have to be alive and in Stillwater in the summer of 2025.


xd238   commented 8mo+6dy ago

Thats a neat factoid, of course I just had to look that up: "Description: The Dance Music Hall of Fame was an organization established in 2003 to honor and remember significant contributors to the genre of dance music. It had its first inductions in 2004 but went inactive after the 2005 induction ceremony. Wikipedia" so you're right, different means of entry right now: none ;)

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VocalRun   commented 8mo+6dy ago

hahaha. Hey, if we're the only ones with a significant impact, maybe it'll be a selectively active hall of fame.