ShannonB / Shannon Bannister 1yr+1mo ago
I think a website purely for covers would be awesome! But the licensing mediation would be a nightmare!


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Basil   commented 1yr+1mo ago

Yep. Sometimes I just want to sing a song that's already written that I like, it's even fun putting your own stamp on it to. Many pro artists/ bands got there big break or hit by covering a song.....just saying : )

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ShannonB   commented 1yr+1mo ago

Well, what got me started was this whole vocalist thing. What does a vocalist do? He or she sings. What do they sing? Usually a song they've heard a thousand times. If you do more than that, guess what you are? You're a songwriter! People just don't get that.


Midipunk   commented 1yr+1mo ago

Youtube is great for that, they automagically slap an advertisement on it and proceeds go to the owners while you get to have fun and get exposure.

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InterimWorshipBand   commented 1yr+1mo ago

No different than Spotify of Pandora. Get permission, assign ISRC number and pay for play