raf / Raf Fiol 1mo+22dy ago

Need a drummer to help me with a project on Kompoz Studio, please.


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Phoephus   commented 1mo+22dy ago

Did you get Tab Benoit's permission to post his track?

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raf   commented 1mo+22dy ago

You make a valid point. I should post a link instead. I will do that.

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xterrabill   commented 1mo+22dy ago

your must flag yourself and say 3 hail Kompoz's ;)

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raf   commented 1mo+21dy ago


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xterrabill   commented 1mo+21dy ago

its probably been suggested before, but if you ever decide to make improvements to this site emoji's might be worth adding, at least the basic ones could possibly help alleviate communication issues that happen once in a while. just a thought. Merry/Happy Grand Poobah :)


Midipunk   commented 1mo+21dy ago

I really like this song but can't shake the house for another week, wife netflix & chilling directly upstairs from the drums until 2020. Grew up with the Hoyt version: Bought everything CCR later: Hank got credit for it: There are countless versions, it's probably within the boundaries of public domain.