LazyFrank / Lazy Frank -- 9 days ago
garage band / music memos Well, I have a big problem! On my McBook I have the DAW Garageband. In the Internet I found the App: Music Memos which can run on an IPAD. I was enthusiastic, and bought an older model. When I tried to download the app (from the apple store), I found out that the app is only available in the latest version. This new version can not be installed on my older Ipad ! Therefore my question / Please: Is there somebody who knows about Garageband / music memos ? Anyone who can help me to get an older version of the app Musicmemos ? (Notes: The app is free. I myself have no knowledge of Garageband and no experience with the Ipad :(



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DocDaFunk   commented 9 days ago

Can't u install it on your MCBook?

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LazyFrank   commented 9 days ago

Unfortunately no :( The app is only for Iphone, IPad and Ipod touch. I said, an older version of music memos would run on my iPad... But there is only a current version available :(

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DocDaFunk   commented 8 days ago


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minime   commented 9 days ago

Hello Frank , i have no idea about Apps for Phones or I pads but when you look for another Daw with more options then Garage Band you could try out Reaper ! The Demo is not limited or something alike this and there is also no time limit on the demo for Reaper !

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LazyFrank   commented 8 days ago

The problem is solved ! ;)