Adamony / Yem Sar 7mo+2dy ago
Hello, this song is a fun upbeat party song about a man who tries to flirt with a woman who doesn't reciprocate his affection. He questions why she doesn't like him in return-the song is overall playful. Could anyone help play the guitar over the buzzy instrument at 0:02 and 1:40 to mask that digital sound "guitar." All the other instruments are fine, but that digital buzzy "guitar" that starts at 0:02 and 1:40 shall be played over because it sounds inauthentic. Just a replica of that exact rift with a natural guitar is all I would need help with :D The music (guitar sound I envision-in the background) is similar to this song but of course with no traditional Khmer fiddle. (Does anyone have this type of guitar to play the rift? Thank you so much in advance!) Could anyone help assist with just the rift for those 2 parts? Thank you so much! Adam


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