Avitus / Bobby Stantorf 2mo+15dy ago
I'm looking for a vocalist and/or rapper for this track. Hit me up if you want to collaborate.


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TrueWatkins   commented 1mo+6dy ago

Hi my name is Tari Watkins and I am a music artist in Eugene, OR I am a singer and rapper and music engineer for 10 years I have music and music videos on my YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCD1ZlVtyZ6hqJbx_wCpV4EA this is my YouTube music page and I make music every other week I just made a new song i will post next week but to see more this is my Spotify https://open.spotify.com/album/4N4DiXXNnCJw7SMvsW8Qcz?si=YeL400VxQECUQouDQppcfw and I'm also on google play and amazone under True watkins or True Star Productions and I am trying to start my little remote work from home audio engineering I am will to work on any music or audio project I am good at what I do and i want to make others dream in music come to life please if you are interested let me know thank you. I love this beat and I would love to make this song please got me up