Mysterian / Ian Middleton 13 days ago
For all you romantics out there, here a song for that heart-warming day that's coming up*... Its from a few years ago... I asked myself the question.. "what would a zombie band sound like?" I thought a bit rough, ready and shouty. Out of time. Out of tune. So a bit like me, really. Enjoy! * Actually not at all romantic... sorry.


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OregonGuy   commented 13 days ago

To die for.

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minime   commented 13 days ago

Spooky / Romantic ! Good work - the Vocal idea and how it is singed reminds me a little bit of Bauhaus but more British !

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Mysterian   commented 13 days ago

To die for indeed... I'm interested in how increasingly the villain in US films tend to be British... and probably Cockney. So making zombies Cockney British sort of makes sense?