YANNKIF / yann kif 7mo+21dy ago
just a piano piece not yet finished, please give your opinion, it will be very useful. Thank you for your attention


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minime   commented 7mo+21dy ago

I have enjoy this from the first note played to the last note ! Very very fine Piano playing and i like the mood / feel of the composition and how you have play this to transport this mood to the listener ! Very very good work !!! Applause from Germany !


YANNKIF   commented 7mo+21dy ago

Thank you Minime, for your warm comments. I really appreciate

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PolarBear   commented 7mo+19dy ago

Yann, .. thanks for this. Very high quality.


YANNKIF   commented 7mo+19dy ago

Thank you PolarBear, your comment comforts me

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JenCarie   commented 7mo+18dy ago

Yann, you are truly gifted. This is beautiful and elegant... It needs nothing more, to me...


YANNKIF   commented 7mo+18dy ago

Thank you Jen, very happy to share this emotion and above all, what rejoices your soul, Thank you for listening and commenting