adamjam123 / adam james 7mo+21dy ago
Would any body want to learn how to play guitar? I'm offering 6 weeks of free lessons over skype 1 lesson a week 30 mins each one. This is for my university assignment so that's why they are free but it's a great opportunity if you would like to try it :) it's a long shot posting on here but I thought it may benefit someone. Please just message me if interested as I domt read comments Thanks :)


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WillaWay   commented 7mo+20dy ago

This is a great opportunity for someone wanting to learn!


adamjam123   commented 7mo+20dy ago

I know I really hope someone takes this opportunity as you say it's a great way to learn all they need is a guitar that's it :)

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FingerFolkie   commented 7mo+20dy ago

A little native talent might help also.

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offthewall   commented 7mo+20dy ago

I would guess that would jump at this.