JB2012 / Jorge Paulo 5 days ago
I would like to play drums like this guy :(


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JeanLui   commented 5 days ago


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ondjpayn   commented 5 days ago

Very very impressive


Midipunk   commented 5 days ago

Like is not enough, you must obsess.

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ondjpayn   commented 4 days ago

And the true obsession is about enjoying what you do - regardless of the instrument you play. We all have a fundamental need (and want) to get better - whatever that means for each of us !!

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JB2012   commented 4 days ago

Yeah I agree. When I was younger, I spent hours of nonsense training in a row. Today, I don't care so much about the technique. Now when I want to train, I usually choose a song here by someone and play it over the top. If it sounds good, then I send the track ... :))))))))