sriracha / Billy LeCoq-Mauvais 7mo+20dy ago
RIP Lyle Mays. You will be missed...


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WillaWay   commented 7mo+20dy ago

A great loss.

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sriracha   commented 7mo+20dy ago

The work he did on "As Falls Wichita, So Falls Wichita Falls" is some of my very favorite music to listen to. I especially love the live version. I've bought that on vinyl, tape and CD. Now I've got it on Itunes...listen all the time to that stuff.


xd238   commented 7mo+20dy ago

Nana Vaconcelos who was also prominent on "As Falls Wichita.." passed away 4 years ago. I was lucky to see a solo show of his, and also to meet Pat Metheny in a convenience store which he promptly bolted out of when I tried to talk to him. He left so fast you would swear he had held the place up!

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sriracha   commented 7mo+20dy ago

you remember the movie theater behind Berklee, the Sack Cheri? I worked there my last 2 years and Lyle Mays would come in all the time and play Ms. Pacman while waiting around. I used to hang around pestering him with questions and stuff while he was playing, lol - I'm sure he loved that.

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xterrabill   commented 7mo+20dy ago

now this is really weird, Wichita was also one of my favs, had on 2 cassettes, vinyl then cd, also met metheny and his wife once after a show at navy pier, was nice but a very short conversation, he seemed to be in deep thought or something, was kinda awkward/strange.