Davethesinger / Dave Edwards 12 days ago
Hi good people. Does anyone on here know if a member who goes by the name of BlindDogDay is still active? I just came across one of his collaborations and would love to know If it's still alive!



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minime   commented 12 days ago

One good way to check the activity of a Kompoz member is to look on the User page !;jsessionid=B5279DE7305A224E81289F092ABBE3F0 Scroll down and take a look at " Latest Activity " ! I hope this will help !

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Davethesinger   commented 12 days ago


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liljoe6string   commented 10 days ago

Send him a PM message that should ping his email

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Davethesinger   commented 10 days ago

Hi, thanks - already tried that one..