Gemini / Nigel Robinson 7mo+17dy ago
Birthday boy Mike at his best.....


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Teek   commented 7mo+17dy ago

Very nice song guys - Nigel , Shadow63 , and Mr Sinister .

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Gemini   commented 7mo+16dy ago

Thanks a lot Tez

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Mr_Sinister   commented 7mo+16dy ago

...thanks bro !

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JenCarie   commented 7mo+16dy ago

This is beautiful guys. And I just love your voice, Mike! Great, meaningful lyrics. Wonderful job to all of you. And Happy Birthday!! :)

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Gemini   commented 7mo+15dy ago

TY Jen!:)

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Shadow63   commented 7mo+15dy ago

Thank you so much Jen..:)

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Mr_Sinister   commented 7mo+15dy ago

...thank you dear lady !