JeanLui / JeanL T 4 days ago
Many couples have married here. Recalling Valentine's Day


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Buttercup   commented 3 days ago

Thanks for sharing this! Susan's voice and your bass are the best therapy in the world! x


JeanLui   commented 3 days ago

Thanks Christine!

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Hines57   commented 3 days ago

This sounds fantastic Jean, Susan and Chris!!! When three great talents compose and play together...this is what happens...something very beautiful and powerful!! Wonderful composition, guitars, vocals and drum track!!

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JenCarie   commented 3 days ago

What a Gem! Beautiful job you all! Jean, your bass is ridiculously awesome on this one! So great Sue, the only woman I know that can sing all her own backings, yet they sound like 3 different people in perfect harmony! And of course, Chris, splashing that sweet blend. ;)


JeanLui   commented 2 days ago

Thanks for all comments!