MDK / Sven-Martin Keil 10mo+23dy ago
This is all I have to say. What a guy, that Lonnie.


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markmiller   commented 10mo+23dy ago

Great Tune! I just heard about Lonnie....RIP....a wonderful sense of humor he had :-)


DocDaFunk   commented 10mo+23dy ago

May he lives thru the memories of his dear friends and his music

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Buttercup   commented 10mo+23dy ago

This is heartbreaking news. I can't believe he has gone :( RIP Lonnie

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SpinDizzy   commented 10mo+23dy ago

Very sad. I will miss him so very much. He would want us to keep making music and celebrate him with song. Of that I am sure.

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sriracha   commented 10mo+23dy ago

Just catching up on this - very sad news indeed - I was lucky to work with him on stuff and found him to be top notch and a great person. RIP.

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EnricoNic   commented 10mo+23dy ago

He was a great, kind gentleman and amazing artist. RIP Lonnie.

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neticous   commented 10mo+23dy ago

Oh Lonnie RIP dude, great humor, he did these lyrics

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Wire-and-Wood   commented 10mo+23dy ago

Wow, this is a bummer to hear. RIP to Lonnie, a definite one-of-a-kind and a foundation of the early Kompoz years. Billy is in this tune, also a great guy from Kompoz-past. I'm sad to hear the news, but it's great to hear the song.

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CoryFrey   commented 10mo+22dy ago

Oh man. Such good times with him.. I met up with him in 2012 in Tahoe. Good times. I have some video of him on a tune Bjorn wrote 10 years ago now.