Buttercup / Christine Linge 2mo+28dy ago
I'm so heartbroken to hear about Lonnie. He was a special guy. It's not fair. Why can't people on Kompoz live forever? I'm going to miss his personality & his amazing talent RIP Lonnie x


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Shadow63   commented 2mo+28dy ago

sorry to hear we have lost another..:(

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phraser   commented 2mo+28dy ago

This is indeed sad news. My sympathy to those who knew him.

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raf   commented 2mo+28dy ago

I posted this on Facebook today... Lonnie was such a positive influence on so many people. A kind man with an incredible ear for music. One particular act of kindness stands out: in 2007 he posted "Ain't it Fine" on Kompoz. My 10 year old son, who was learning clarinet at the time, liked the song so much and wanted to play along. Lonnie took the time to transcribe the sheet music for my son. Fortunately for us, he left us with great memories and awesome music. Ain't it Fine

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GELECTRIC   commented 2mo+28dy ago

RIP Lonnie

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xterrabill   commented 2mo+28dy ago

sad news indeed, my sincere condolences to all that knew him, Celebrate and remember folks with their music so their spirit will live on.

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sriracha   commented 2mo+28dy ago

FWIW, people DO live forever on kompoz. It's one of the things that is special here: people will forever be able to listen to and appreciate Lonnie, and all the other's who have passed away and their music. As long as the lights stay on, to which I say a thanks to raf and the paying members.


LooknGlass   commented 2mo+28dy ago

Wow, so sad to hear. I didn't know. Great guy

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Pascaloubien   commented 2mo+28dy ago

So sad news... We had the chance to meet him in real life (Stockholm 1st Kompoz meeting) with others musicians. Had a lot of fun, really nice and kind person sad, Aa-Uu Lonnie, RIP

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howdeln   commented 2mo+28dy ago

So sad. RIP