RobAsh15 / Rob Ash 3mo+26dy ago
My wife is the general manager of an Ulta beauty store in Gainesville, Florida. The store is closing for approximately two weeks, beginning Thursday. For the time being, my wife's paycheck is guaranteed. As for beyond that, as this pandemic progresses... well, Who knows? It seems many of us have free time we did not expect to have. Because of this, and because of what is happening in the world, I have a request to make... Post, here. Post a song. Post a link to a youtube video. Post a link to a new guitar, or a new piece of electronics or software. Post and let us know you are okay. Post and let us know if you get sick. If and when that happens, I would like to offer my support, one musician to another, and one human being to another. Don't suffer silently. We've proven time and again here in K-town that, even at our worst, we are still a gentle, supportive group. If the interweb has ANY real value to human civilization, it will serve us all now. None of us has to suffer alone. If you get sick, let us know. So, beginning Friday, my wife and I are home. As of right now, we both feel fine. We have a month's worth of food and plenty of poo paper. We wish every Kompoz member, along with all their friends and families, well. One terrible, but also grand and shining example of how this affects us is the undeniable truth that we are ALL in this together. Be safe, Be well. Rob and Laura in Florida.


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BurntWill   commented 3mo+26dy ago

Germany here fighting through the mud two weeks ahead of US. Stay at home, is all I can tell.


Amanda   commented 3mo+26dy ago

so thoughtful and nice of you! stay safe <3

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sriracha   commented 3mo+26dy ago

Doing well so far, I work from home but our company has basically gone to all remote now (ironic after they determined to colocate based on products and function and did away with what was once a huge remote workforce. I've been the exception as I live 75 miles from the nearest office). My wife is expecting to have their biz close the front office and keep back end ops open meaning she'll be home. My kids colleges both went to virtual classes and both of the places they work are closed now. Crazy days...

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RickyD   commented 3mo+25dy ago

Sadly, I can't move semi-truck trailers from home and therefore, I must go to work. I am about 350 working hours from retirement. I am SOOOO annoyed to not be retired right now. Love to all of my K-town peeps. Except for Doc. Keep your social distance, ya perv!!! ;)

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Teek   commented 3mo+25dy ago

350 hours countdown , hope it goes fast for ya .


YANNKIF   commented 3mo+25dy ago

France take the path of Italy, what seemed far away is now in front of our house, be all aware and protective with all the people you love, do not let them out, group food orders by neighborhood, only one person has this Move for everyone else, wear a mask and gloves, to protect yourself and others. For the moment, the only way to stop this pandemic is to stop rubbing shoulders. There will be better days. For your salvation, respect these simple instructions, Good virtual kisses from France has all.

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BurntWill   commented 3mo+25dy ago

In Europe we have different death rates in each country. As I learned yesterday by a doctor, the italian people tend to live with whole family in one house, where young and old are living together. The distribution of corona runs over the young people at school, work, parties and restaurants and since this epidemic does not show much symptoms in the younger age groups, they infect their grandpas and moms when coming home. People with age over 65 are the high risk group and the statistics say that 25% of infected people beyond 65/70 will at least suffer a lot or die. Death rate in Italy is approx 3,5%. In Germany on the other hand we have a very low death rate at the moment, due to elder people tend to live in nursing homes or in their own flats or houses and at the moment 80% of the infected persons in Germany are under 60 years, so we have under 1% death rate right now. But this is only for the moment and numbers will align with Italy over time. So, all of you please stay out of the public, best at home and take this epidemic very serious !

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minime   commented 3mo+25dy ago

Yep - Stay at home and when it is really one time needed to go out then stay away from people ! And not to forget Hygiene - Hygiene and one more time Hygiene ! Where ever you are ,who ever you be Stay Safe ! And beeing friendly to people with a good word or a smile is not allot but can make these people who must work like the cashier in the Supermarkets the hard days they have now maybe a little bit better !

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ShannonB   commented 3mo+24dy ago This song focuses mostly on addiction, but I think it can be applied. My family is fine. My church is meeting in Life Groups. I'm guessing my husband will go back to work on April 1, when his Sabbatical ends. My daughter works at the daycare there, which remains open. My son just got a brand new job as a busser, but his restaurant is only doing takeout and drive through. He's ok, though; he still lives at home. :) Just some allergies for me, from being outside Tues and Wednes with the little boy that I watch. Anything I record in March will be squeezed in infrequently. :) But I'm still listening. Just not quite as much.


YANNKIF   commented 3mo+24dy ago

Glad you're okay, you and your family, protect yourself this virus is extremely dangerous