minime / minime c 10mo+9dy ago
Die Äzte - Deine Schuld ( Your Fault ) One of the most successful Bands in Germany ! The Song is from 2003 and the Video has Lyrics translated to English :-)


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minime   commented 10mo+9dy ago

This Band is one of the German Bands i like allot ! One reason is there Lyrics ! Intelligent and Funny too ! It is one of the most successful Bands here in Germany and they are doing there thing now for a long time ! In there Videos at the end the Singer and Guitar Player dies so far i know all the time - something alike a tradition or so :-) I have think i share here from time to time some music from Germany :-) Maybe someone will like to listen something alike this one time and i have choose this Song because of the Translation to English :-) One little hint about the Lyrics ! There comes this part with the Hats ! Two of them wear a Hat in the Video ! As i have see this the Video the first time i have laugh allot about this little detail ! This people have some good humor :-)


Bill58   commented 10mo+9dy ago

Cool tune. Thanks for sharing. Lots of good music from Germany out there. My personal favorite is Warum, Tic Tac Toe.

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minime   commented 10mo+9dy ago

Aaah yes - this Song (Warum) was a Hit here in the Charts ! So far i know the Band is not longer together ! They had some personal Drama at the end when i remember right ! Stay Save Bill !!!