RickyD / Ricky Shaw 2mo+3dy ago
It is such an unusual time for us all. This morning, I was thinking about how odd it is that we are all experiencing the same hardship at the same time. We all face our troubles and this country faces different troubles than that one but this, this is something that all humans have in common. I want each of you (Well, except for Doc, of course) to know how much your friendship means to me. BrotherRat, I love you, man and I need you to kick your illness. A good friend at work is facing the same battle and as I tell him, #YouGotThis! Be well, my friends.


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dwfreak   commented 2mo+3dy ago

Definitely some crap we did not need but we are fighting back about now. Just got the news today from our Prime Minister that all business will close starting tomorrow until the 13th of April if all goes good. Only essentials services like groceries, pharmacies, gaz station, police and fire fighters and medical facilites throughout the province of Québec. This mean I will be home for 3 weeks. I will find time for musical fun but this ain't funny and unusual for sure. Well... this is I guess an effort to get rid of this uninvited guest so you all stay safe and alert cause we need each and one of you in this community. Cheers. Chris.

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MikeJM   commented 2mo+3dy ago

In the meanwhile . . . music has the power to do all things . . . so while we can't be out on the front lines fighting the virus like our healthcare and research workers . . . we can just add a bit more hope into peoples' lives! I say we start writing songs with that in mind. Every word and note is valuable to someone, somewhere, especially right now. :)

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DocDaFunk   commented 2mo+3dy ago

Awww now u call that ''friendship'' hmmm....