RobAsh15 / Rob Ash 3mo+20dy ago
Sure is easy to tell that this site originated in Britain. I'm in Florida. It's 6:48 here now. Forums are dead. Have been for hours. Things will pick up steadily over the next couple of hours now. Why? Because all you silly Brits and whatnot sit there, on the back-ass side of the bloody planet, with your bloody schedules all back-asswards. Now is not morning tea time, you sods. It's bloody well dinner time. Time to get your evening toddy, shuttle the brats into the tub, settle down in front of your favorite DAW, pull up Kompoz in your browser of choice, and talk some music... stuff. So wake bloody up and get on the ball. :)


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ShannonB   commented 3mo+20dy ago

I've got two kompozes up! :) But I'm working on mixing right now. No time to chat! :)))))

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phraser   commented 3mo+20dy ago

Would a nice cup of decaffeinated tea help?