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I can write lyrics from scratch. Using any idea. And if you have a song with a vocal melody that you want words for, I can do that too I can also do translations that are singable in English, by using the google translator and applying my inner rhymester. =================== A new translation of A FELICIDADE by Antonio Carlos Jobim and Vinícius de Moraes Where sadness never ends think happiness my friend Like a feather flying on the wind It floats above the clouds so dark and long It only lasts a while When it should go for miles It needs to find a breeze forever strong It seems the happiness of all poor innocence Is something like the dream of carnival The puppets work all year To have a time to dance To have their special moment to pretend they have a chance To be a king or queen or just a jack All ending on the Holy Day of Ash Where sadness never ends Think happiness my friend Where sadness never ends Think happiness my friend Know that happiness is just a drop Of water on the petal of a rose A spark reflecting sun A moment without fear Then falling like a single lover's tear My joy is the reflection of my heart and soul In the dreamy eyes of my lover And when night is turning Revolving revolving In search of brand new mornings, you must speak so soft and low so That when she greets the day so full of bliss She'll make it all complete with just a kiss Where sadness never ends Think happiness my friend ________________________________


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