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I missed the news of Lonnie Wilson's passing a few weeks ago. I didn't get to know him on Kompoz, but looking at comments about his death on the Community page and from projects I've scanned through, it's clear that he'd been around on Kompoz from the old days and was much loved. My only intersection with him was on this great western swing tune, "You Told Me So," that Lonnie and a Bakersfield friend, Russ Lenk, recorded years ago. Lonnie uploaded it to Kompoz in 2018 to get more people in on it. Here are some of Lonnie's comments about the project: "Russ (Lenk) and I recorded this song over a decade ago and I can't find my stems! I think I can live with the basics in this mixdown, although it seems to have a simple drum track that I don't know who played. (Actually,I think I might have played the drums). Russ on guitar, lead vocal & writing credits. Me on everything else. What it needs is some melodic leads and fills." I auditioned some fills and a solo, and others jumped in, too. But Lonnie never put up a mix, though, so this week I revisited the tune and was surprised and sad to see that he is no longer with us. And I did a mix that I hope Lonnie can check out via his ISP in heaven, and I hope he likes it. Lonnie Wilson (Lonnie) upright bass, backup vocals, drums, guitar Russ Lenk composer, lead vocals, guitar Smokey Fennell (smokinsteel) pedal steel (lots of Smokey here on this laid back two step) Lino Muoio (linomuoio) lead mandolin Jan Kopcak (jan88) sax Ben Owen (beno) fiddle and rhythm mandolin Here's another great acoustic project of Lonnie's, "Come to Me," with a bunch of Kompoz greats contributing: Lonnie's Obit:


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offthewall   commented 3 days ago

Thanks for posting his obit, Ben. He was a great talent here in K-town. I think I only worked with him once a number of years back but loved to hear his stuff.

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ben0   commented 3 days ago

You're welcome. He surely seemed to be a great guy.