ShannonB / Shannon Bannister 5mo+24dy ago
"Vicini said to go back to the beginning." So that's where I'm going. My husband likes my original writing more that he likes what I've been doing. One more vote for "lyrics first" I suppose. So if I pull out of your project, please don't take it personally. You might even want to thank me. :) I think he is ready for me to return to the local studio. "But that costs money," I said. I think after the quarantine is over, he will be rushing me back. I think he thinks it's worth it. Three months of limited recording that I meant to use to seek publishing. It never happened. So Vicini, we are going back to the beginning, where we belong.



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Midipunk   commented 5mo+24dy ago

My wife said some stuff that made me lose interest in music for a while, hell a couple/few whiles. Wound up seeing a shrink and getting put on antidepressants at one point. This site keeps me sane, the secret is to have fun and expect nothing in return.