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raf / Raf Fiol 1yr+1mo ago

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I am needing some kind of strings, maybe a hammond organ or a some kind of keys. I'll know it when I hear it... what ideas do you have? Let me know
DTSUK / Dave Edwards 5 hours ago
Music collaboration can be so strange. One minute you're in an extended dry spell - nothing seems to work and that which does is already spoken for and then before you know it you get a deluge of material that just happens without having to try too hard! Patience is a virtue or so they say.... :-)
Today's Joke : ) Tom had a real love for music and songwriting. One day Tom finally decided to tie the knot with his long-time girlfriend. One evening, after the honeymoon, he was laying down a track in his home studio for a new tune. His wife was standing there at the doorway watching him. After a long period of silence she finally spoke. "Honey, I've just been thinking, now that we are married maybe it's time you quit spending all your time here in the studio and you probably should just consider selling all your gear." Tom gets this horrified look on his face. His wife says, "Darling, what's wrong?" Tom said " For a minute there you were starting to sound like my ex-wife." "Ex-wife!", she screams, "You never told me you were married before!" Tom replied, "I wasn't".
StudioCity / b good 8 hours ago
Hi... Need some old school Americana electric guitar on this one... Anybody?
wiig / Almasi Endre 10 hours ago
Please help me, i try to win this Chirs Buck's challenge, give a like on the youtube chanel :)
Hi, needing help for this classic rock song. Looking for drums, bass, lyrics and vocals. The title is not final, it can change depending on the ideas of lyric. I can modify the structure if necessary. All ideas are welcome. Ride To Nowhere:
Almost always when I sing this song people can't believe it's a "Queen" tune, love the lyrics.
Kind of a cool cover i did of a Meritxellk track. I'm gonna be removing soon so thought i'd share first.
One from Player
Better watch out guys....they are out there
Another nice one from Hall & Oats
Great Pop from the 70-80's
dUnEs / d UnEs 18 hours ago
Looking for a brilliant lead guitarist who will add a new original and exciting layer to this track.YOU?!
Greeting from Australia. New to the site and putting it out there for any person willing to help out with this one please. I'm open to all ideas, advice, recommendations or whatever is helpful to become part of this platform. Thanks in advance, Mick.
In a mood for saxophones?
I need a little help with this piece. I have had it going around my head for a while had a spare 10 mins so recorded it its in very much demo mode at the moment but I Just had to get it recorded whilst I had a few spare moments. All input very welcome
7years later....dear singers :)
"Under Communist Control" by: rockindrummer68 Mark Van Der Linden Taylorville IL USA Song Creator/Rhythm Guitar/Bass Guitar WillaWay WillaWay Studio USA Kentucky USA Acoustic Drums TheOther Tom H Detroit Michigan USA Pledge Lyrics Lyricalman21 Frederic Frees Palm Desert CA USA Song Lyrics/Pledge Spoken Word liljoe6string Joey six oklahoma city ok USA Lead Guitar Solo Dabbler16 CJ Krecsy Greater Vancouver BC Canada Vocals JurgenK Jurgen Krimp Amersfoort Utrecht Netherlands Mixing/Mastering
"Every Little Thing" is a song by the English rock band the Beatles from their album Beatles for Sale, issued in the UK in December 1964. Credited to Lennon?McCartney, it was written by Paul McCartney, although John Lennon is the more prominent lead vocalist on the recording. Capitol Records first issued the song in the US on Beatles VI in June 1965. The track is an early example of the Beatles' use of non-rock instrumentation on a recording, through the addition of timpani drum over the choruses. George Harrison said it was his favorite Beatles song.
Dear friends and keyboard artists, for my very private song 'Season of Regret', I'd like to have a more orchestral keyboard arrangement beginning somewhere at the first chorus. Any ideas? Have a nice Sunday! Artur
Alugalug Cat X The Kiffness (Soulful Singing Cat Live Looping Remix)
Looking for vocals and lyrics
I need a lyricist to help finish this song. It's called "Tropical Ants" but the topic can be changed, but either way... something sassy. I have attempted, but didn't get too far :)
"Think very hard about your future And your life Carefully write it down on a large piece of paper And flush it down the toilet." Pig Face has been filling my ears lately. If you haven't been getting your Pig Face time, why not?
God laughs at those who deplore the effects of which causes they cherish
My feelings exactly..and I hear it may rain tomorrow
This is a rough reference track. I'm looking first for LEAD GUITAR to come in at 2:02 and end at 2:20, then again at 3:47 until the end. There will be vocals, but not until the LEAD GUITAR is nailed down. I'm curious to see if anyone will tackle this rudimentary rock song. let's hear what ya got.
me gustaria colaborar pero en este momento tengo un problema por resolver, pero posteriormente si a alguien le interesa lo que toco, mandenme un mensaje o escriban en mi perfil
New one I started with just a set of bass licks and a set of drum loops that has moved forward fairly well. Now have three excellent drummers who have contributed tracks, an wonderful engineer (TSTstudios) and the help of PJLucidi on guitar/chord composition (for which I will forever be greatful). Love to have keys and at least a sax involved if anyone would care to join in fleshing this out. It is a tribute of sorts to a musical mentor of mine who managed to teach a fairly thick headed kid how real music works. Sent an invite out for sax but no word yet and one keyboard player has downloaded a mix but also no action in the keys department. Give it a listen if you care to and I would be thrilled if others were to join in. Peace out!
PaulM44 / Paul Muns 2 days ago
Here's another example of Style switching. Starting with "Pop Smooth" then Reggae and Bossa Nova and back to Pop and a Reggae ending. I worked on an original chord pattern and put it into iReal Pro to get the style and changes in tempo output (80 90 113 80 90) and key changes (Eb - Eb -- Gb -- Eb -- Eb) corresponding to the styles. If this wasn't enough to put Mario (Bass) and Mrs. Beats (Saxophone) off, consider that in order to include all of these styles, the piece is nearly 9 minutes long.

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