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Hi all, I wish I could hear my words sung. Any assistance any of you could provide me with that, would be greatly appreciated. Live strong, stay safe! JB
JeanLui / JeanL T 3 hours ago
For my friend Joao.
needs even more
DON'T STOP NOW A new collaboration just completed by Mario Licata, Dave Budd, Richard Bradley and Steve Shouse. We hope you enjoy it!
RGBass / Rob Glass 15 hours ago
Triple B Blues Cartel Pete drums Vic guitar me bass
needs more beer
needs more
STONE COLD KILLER lyrics by JOEL SATTLER I was a a stone cold killer in the middle of the night stone cold killer underneath the Street light stone cold killer I had come so far I was stone cold killer with a gun and a guitar New York City ain?t no place for delta boys it's dirty and ugly and there's too much noise What is the end of the road if you got no place to go Even a cup of coffee aint going to be free When you?re stuck on the sidewalk without a single penny Anyone can die anyone can be killed all it takes is a lie and the triumph of the will you are bound to be corrupted in the belly of the beast Where the first shall be last and the last shall be least One of these days I shall be released when I burst I can still do my worst The killer inside me doesn?t know which way to go while down from us a street light comes a spattering of snow once I was an innocent pure as the driven slush But now I better hurry if I want to beat the rush stone cold killer don't deserve no pity not in the heart of the night owl city nightowls drinking coffee without cream and without sugar it's hard to be an icon when your eyes are full of hookers
Yvan / Yvan Nunez 22 hours ago
Lovers in time... tells the story of two teenagers who fall in love and have their first experiences, eventually they separate and both take different paths, she goes to live in another country and he stays and marries another woman. Over time she visits his country to see his family, both are older, one day they meet by chance and he invites her to have a few drinks they both fall in love again and love each other in a motel and return year after year every time they she returns, the same thing has happened for more than 20 years, one day she marries a foreigner from the country where she traveled and did not return for 5 years, after 5 years she returns and they meet again, but this time things have changed, she feels tempted to repeat the same thing with her long-time lover but she manages to resist it, while seeing the situation he decides to leave her alone,, for love he renounces her, something like this should be the lyrics of this song
needs more
Yet another collab is finalized for Die In Void. Big thanks to mikerules, tbase2000, Pstruh69, nadir. Check out the final result released on all streaming services:
A song about those conversations you have with your oldest friends that just pick up from they left off last time.
This song was sooooo much fun to work on. So many talented people worked on this. The main idea is we would have three verses to be sung by a different singer. Each singer was to write lyrics to their verse. I jumped in to write the last verse and the chorus. Christine put this all together, a blast from the past.
Check out my new collaboration with Dream Life Productions:
Why have a King at all - Drums and Guitar Solos needed We need Drums on this song. The track without Drums is as follows: We also need Electric Guitar Solos at [02:18 to 02:45] and [03:41 to 04:08]. In case you want to hear the song with Vocals and Drum Loops, check out the following track, but do not refer to it for the Timestamps: This song will be released as a Single on my SoundCloud page (Masala Central). Everyone who has worked on the song will be given the credit for their roles and contributions. Do let me know if you have any queries. Disclaimer: The Acoustic Guitars in this song are Music Loops downloaded off the Internet Thank You.
What’s up?
needs more
MikeJM / Mike JM 1 day ago
So honestly it's a little frustrating now . . . I mentioned that I paid for my subscription on the 31st of December, and had it for a few days but since then I've been charged and had just the basic subscription instead of the PRO I've paid for. So it was suggested that I contact raf 9 days ago, and still nothing. This is not to bash on him, I know he's busy and that he has done a lot of great things for me with this site, but I was just really excited to start up some new projects now that my schedule is stable (for once) and it's a little disappointing that I'm still stuck on the beginning plan. Hopefully it gets resolved soon, and I can continue jamming with all of you amazing Kompozers! Any advice at this point???
needs more
Yvan / Yvan Nunez 1 day ago
need lyric vocals
RobAsh15 / Rob Ash 1 day ago
Ostermeister is NOT just submitting ideas to project owners. He's not submitting auditions to a project owner to be considered for use as a mix for the song. He's taking other people's songs, doing shitty remixes on whatever tracks he happens to find posted in a project (like a really early scratch mix that the owner might not want anyone but the players who work on the song to hear), then POSTING HIS MIXES all over the site and asking for changes, submissions, asking people to replace tracks, etc. None of this does he ever ask permission of the project owner for. And all he's ever done on the site are these drive-bys... He has two profiles. Ostermeister and Ostermeister 2. The first has one project that has eight remixes in it. Nothing else. My guess is if you contact all 8 of those project owners half of them won't even be aware their song was co-opted this way. On his newer profile, he's already posted my tune in two groups asking for contributions and putting the song forth as if he has direct control over the project. The last time I checked, I started the project. I haven't accepted any tracks from Ostermeister yet, so he has NO ROLE in my project as of now. He NEVER DID. I'm not his only victim. He's done the same thing to AviRosenfeld. He posted this: in the guitar group. The only problem is, IT'S NOT HIS SONG. It's AviRosenfeld's song. And the track on the post by Ostermeister is listed on that project as an IDEA, not an accepted track. I'd say there's a one in three chance Avi hasn't even noticed the track yet. EDIT: He knows now. I PMd him. Avi deleted the track submitted by Ostermeister so that it doesn't appear in a post by Ostermeister in the GUITAR PLAYERS GROUP, where he makes it seem as if it's his song to request help with. I took exactly the same action when Oster co-opted my work and refused to listen when I tried to politely fix the problem. Sharing is fine. But almost no one here, and no one I care to work with, wants to show an unfinished song. There are times this needs to happen, like, to ask for contributions, or to ask for help with a part, or a track, or whatever, but that is up to the project owner to handle it unless he appoints someone else to do it. If that's not the way it works, then why is there a place for a project owner to appoint managers on a project that have special privileges? I CAME BACK TO ADD: Each project has a preview track. That is the way for the members of that project to show a preview of a work in progress to the rest of the site. Any placement of the track anywhere else on the site should be discussed by the members of the project and then agreed to by the project owner. If that isn't true, why does the project owner have the right to TURN OFF sharing for the project??? If I had to guess, this Ostermeister is either a kid, or not very bright. His work is... well, he needs tons of practice, I'll say. I would also suggest that what we are talking about here is the proper way to submit work, and respect and etiquette, Not sharing rights, reposting, or any of that. I have no clue what SMG's issue is, and I'm not trying to start a fight with anyone, but this dude Ostermeister isn't going to stop being a jerk until someone with authority tells him to stop, or he gets the boot. I'm talking to several people about this in PM land now. If you think this behavior is acceptable, ask yourself this: What's the life expectancy of this site, do you think, if EVERY SINGLE PROJECT IS PRIVATE? People, I'm a bit of a jerk, sometimes, but I happen to have a fair-sized network of players on here I can contact toinvite to projects. Would that be true for most? If this is the way things really are, why would any musician EVER post a project publicly here, or here at all?
latest collab.
call of the king needs more
Trash talk and trolling is unacceptable. Fair warning to the younger crowd who are insecure and think its cool to trash talk. Rude is the new cool in their tiny brains. It isn't for me so watch out.
modern pop rock have fun ;-)
Coldplay Style
German Rock (style of Rammstein, Unheilig ....) Have fun ;-)
Needed a Limiter for mastering. Decided to try "Unlimited" It's free and easy to use.
There are two types of musicians. Composers and posers. Posers are these asshats who can barley play posing with their guitar like it's their pride and joy. Reality is the poser can't even play the thing. Less time taking pics with your guitar and more time practicing is my advice to the poser. Just my random thought of the day.

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