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raf / Raf Fiol 1 year ago

Learn more about the planned Kompoz 3.0 release. Contribute your feature ideas.

After about a week of rearranging my home, I have my equipment up and running again. I'm looking forward to working with folks here again!
JustVera / Just Vera 31 minutes ago
'Go ahead and cry'... Another side of the JustVera universe: still images, contemplation, sadness. The basic instrumental ingredients - just my keys and duduk- are more or less in place. My idea is to add vocals, or one other solo-instrument. Anybody out there to join me on this one?
Singers or lyricists, if you are interested in one of these instrumentals, let me know and I will upload it to your project:
The Veils of Eternity - now with a music video. Enjoy! This song was not possible without these Kompozers. Thank you all so much! JimBass01 - This man can play any genre. He's one of the greatest in K-Town! And every song I like around here, he's on it :) davidstahl - Putting out some great tunes recently (go check him out) and he really took this song to the next level. Supertoll! WillaWay - I love working with him. Just pure awesomeness this guy!
I just recently lost my dad, which of course brings on a flow of I am wondering about you guys...would you have any stories to share about how your parents either supported or maybe did not support your musical endeavors when you were living at home with them?
Thanks to Shadow63 (mwilferd1) for giving me the opportunity to remix this song: "Fly Away"
Before The Edge (The movie clip) Starring Will Smith Music by "HYJAC" Jorge Paulo - Guitars, Bass, Keys & Production Cree Patterson - Vocals Yvan Nuñez - Piano Alex Zulaika - Drums Gal Hornstein - Lyrics
Looking for a great engineer to mix and master this metal song for us called "Under Communist Control". This mix is just a reference mix without the drums added in yet just to give an engineer an idea of what he or she will be working with if they decide to take on the project. We do have all the drum seps uploaded and everything is ready to go as soon as someone would like to jump in and help us. Please let us know if you would be interested, thank you, Mark :) We'll probably have another guitar solo at some point carrying the song out to the end of it as well after the vocals end.
Grae / Grae Music 15 hours ago
Listen to this and... if you like it.... come with your ideas. Everyone is welcome. Cheers!
Roxy Music did have many good efforts.
Grae / Grae Music 15 hours ago
Anyone and everyone can collaborate. A song made for kompoz
FREAK SHOW - the genius that is Eyeshae with master composer minime, intricate and accurate bass player MarioLicataBassist...and muggins.
MikeJM / Mike JM 19 hours ago
Hey fellow Kompozers. :D Been a busy and somewhat emotional past month for me. Have had very little time for music, and most of it has been funneled towards one of my off-site, long term projects. But I finally got some time just to write freely. Check it out and see if you can add anything to it, or just have general advice: Thanks guys! How has everyone been? Missed you all! Mike J.M.
Redfish / Tony Gee 21 hours ago
What might have been ......
New Video: Follow Your Dreams AiryConnection: Songwriting(arrangement), Production(Mixing & Mastering) Shadow62(lyrics, Vocals)
Melodic/symphonic rock idea is looking for lyrics and vocals. It's an idea, so for now, please ignore the quality. Originally I was looking for a vocalist, but if you wish to add to the music, please do so. This is my first project here.
My buddy John and I made this song here on Kompoz in 2016, and it stands as a favorite of mine. Somehow the lyrics seem appropriate to recent events. We both share vocal, with John "MusicalHermit" taking the bridge. Thanks Creed: I want to be the adventurer capturing the artifact Smooth but cynical rescuing aristocrats No fool for evidence meet me at the consequence Spreading out a false truth Speaking it so eloquent Boom, our backs are now against the wall a coma for the rational a decoy deployed by those who never bleed and it isn't an accident... This is my creed Poison.... now it's coming out from me We fell below and cannot stop until we bestow the smiles that got away The end We'll show is beautiful Keep it Down Take it Slow Take some time until we know we're rational and stoic The end We'll show is beautiful Its almost worth trying to save. its mostly forgettable I'll sail away don't follow please The lies I built can carry me It must be true if you believe I'll see you soon Don't cry for me Don't cry.... Please don't cry for me
Very happy with the way this one turned out! The Road Less Taken: Mr. Sinister OceanGreen offthewall Gemini SpinDizzy Shadow63
Need vocals and ideas that could make it into a decent song nothing set in stone anything can be altered to suit
Sea shanties are very popular these days, because of The Wellerman mix on Tik-Tok, but I have discovered this one two years ago. It's a French song Pique la baleine, performed by Russian group Otava Yo. Great rendition:
Void / The Void 2 days ago
Some asshole was lurking in my backyard trying to steal my things. I pulled a weapon and he got mad, called me a white piece of shit (I'm half Chileno/Arab). Then, I found this video. Enjoy peeps, fuck the world...
Some old ecopunk. wow 9 years ago me and Tim did this. Those were the days! Karma
My track needs Synth and Vocals.
SKINNY LEGS AND ALL by Joe Tex Say, man! Don't walk ahead of that woman Like she don't belong to you Just 'cause her got them little skinny legs You know that ain't no way to do You didn't act like that when ya had it home Behind closed do's! Alright Now, you act like you ashamed of the woman Don't even want nobody to know she's yo's But that's, alright You just walk on, baby! (hup, hup) H'uh! And don't you worry about a doggone thing, a'tol (hup, hup) Because there's some man, somewhere Who'll take you Baby, skinny legs and all 'I swear!' Keep on walkin', baby (Hup, hup) Show ya what I'm talkin' about Listen to this: Now, who'll take the woman with the skinny legs? (Try, Leroy) Stand right there baby, I'm 'on give you away In a minute Come on, somebody please take the lady with The skinny legs? (I don't 'wan 'em!) Now, ya'all know the lady with skinny legs Got to have somebody too, now (No, I don't wanna help that person!) Will somebody, please take the lady with The skinny legs, please? (Ay, Joe!) Yeah, Bobby (Why don't you take her?) She ain't no fool! I don't want no woman with no skinny legs Look here! I thought about givin' this woman to Clyde But, no Say, I know the kind-a women Clyde like Ol' Leroy'll take her Say, LEROY! You got her! Say, Miss Sweetie Now, why you wan' act like that man Ain't yo's? Just 'cause he's walkin' with you With them raggedy clothes? Man just forgot to get his suit outta the cleaners That's all Alright! Alright! Ya act like that man don't belong to ya Go on over there and kiss 'em and Hold his hand Unk: 'Go over there and squeeze your man' Unk man: 'I'd like to have her squeeze my hand' Uh! Say you ain't gon' do what? Unk: 'I likes it' (Unk man w/woman-like voice) 'I say later, ho' 'That's alright You just walk on, mister! (Thank you, you're welcome!) And don't you worry about a doggone thing a'tol (Hup, Hup) Because there's some woman Somewhere, who'll take you Mr. Raggedy Clothes and all Yes they will Just keep on walkin' (Hup, Hup) H'uh! (Hup, Hup) H'uh! (Hup, Hup) Don't be ashamed a-what you got (Hup, Hup) (Hup, Hup) Just sayin', what girl's that you dropped wouldn't tell you
JeanLui / JeanL T 2 days ago
For James Herman Hines RIP
New and improved weirdness - I get nothing when I click the "Choose File" button when uploading a new version of an existing track. :-| Luckily I can drop the file on the button and it does the right thing... need some vocals plus on this one or any ideas you might have Thanks for putting me on he righttrack so everyone can see what I should have done in the first place Sorry for all the confusion Lesson learnt Thanks to you all Mike
Fading Away For my dad. I will love him forever.
Sunshine If anyone is in the composition mood....this is just a scratch composition idea ...thought maybe it could be a part of a longer 3 part piece of if you have an idea to add before, after or, lyrics or vocals...go for it:) My seps are posted so you can also add your parts during this section.

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