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raf / Raf Fiol 9mo+20dy ago

Learn more about the planned Kompoz 3.0 release. Contribute your feature ideas.

"Back to Humanity" Written by AndreaSpace, VoSinger (check this guy out!!), JeanLui and myself.
Nimrod / J W 13 days ago
Them GSA boys all day long today, don't smoke them Montecristo yet boys until that fat lady sings!
Wondering if any lyricist wants to run with a song idea. "Bitcoin Bit Me - I Bought it High"
"Tuesday Afternoon" is on this, .. 5:50 in. Mike Pinder's mellotron, really fills out their sound.
Started off this new year with a "finishing off" thing. Over an extended period I been working along with our own wordsmith, Joel Sattler, to bring to fruition his series of 21 songs based around a series of poems by Pablo Neruda. He was a Chilean poet who won the Nobel Prize for literature in 1971. Instead of making 21 new projects for these songs I just made one and uploaded each finished song as a new track. In order to consolidate them all I have grouped them together on a web-page so that they each stream from the Kompoz player but also put them all together as a download album complete with PDF information and lyric sheet. (not showing as a link. Just copy and paste) As they are all so different I have tried to interpret them in a number of different musical styles to suit all tastes. The project is now closed and finished but, as always, I would welcome any feedback. Have I ever said how much I LOVE Kompoz? Thanks a million RAF. :))
It's a "Bubblegum Pop" needing Lyrics and/or Vocals. I have a melody for it. For now, lyrics would be helpful. Lyricists, any ideas are welcome. :-)
We are looking for Backvocals for this song. I thought that maybe some similar to the Simple minds song "Alive and kicking" from the second 56 would sound good, but a good singer is sure that he will have a better idea. Simple Minds:
Stumbled upon this at random - normally I'm not a big blue eyed soul guy, but this band is killing it. Lake Street Dive - Call Off Your Dogs
NEW SONG!! | Buddy Brown "Stimulus Check" | | Truck Sessions
Whose gonna come jam on my Rockish Jam?
PaulM44 / Paul Muns 14 days ago
Like Neil, I have a lot of fond memories of those who have left K-town one way or another. The most haunting departure was from Jason. He was likely the Guitar Center electric guitar demonstrator if you listen to the 1 minute track he laid. I chopped it up and extended it into a nearly 4:00 piece and added Flute. During that one week I was working in it, he "departed" because I have never heard from him again and he never heard the final track..... SO, who actually owns this work that he began and abandoned and I did at least 75% of the work on??? Interesting questions do arise.....
THINK FOR YOURSELF by the Beatles from wikipedia: "Think for Yourself" is a song by the English rock band the Beatles from their 1965 album Rubber Soul. It was written by George Harrison, the band's lead guitarist, and, together with "If I Needed Someone", marked the start of his emergence as a songwriter beside John Lennon and Paul McCartney. The song's lyrics advocate independent thinking and reflect the Beatles' move towards more sophisticated concepts in their writing at this stage of their career. The song has invited interpretation as both a political statement and a love song, as Harrison dismisses a lover or friend in a tone that some commentators liken to Bob Dylan's 1965 single "Positively 4th Street". Among musicologists, the composition has been recognised as adventurous in the degree of tonal ambiguity it employs across parallel major and minor keys and through its suggestion of multiple musical modes. The Beatles recorded "Think for Yourself" in November 1965, towards the end of the sessions for Rubber Soul. In a departure from convention, the track includes two bass guitar parts ? one standard and one played through a fuzzbox. Performed by McCartney, this fuzz bass serves as a lead guitar line throughout the song and marked the first time that a bass guitar had been recorded using a fuzzbox device, as opposed to manipulating equipment to achieve a distorted sound. The group overdubbed their harmony vocals during a lighthearted session that was also intended to provide material for their 1965 fan-club Christmas disc. A snippet from this session was used in the Beatles' 1968 animated film Yellow Submarine. The song has also appeared on the 1976 compilation The Best of George Harrison and on the 1999 Yellow Submarine Songtrack album.
Redfish / Tony Gee 14 days ago
Does anyone know the answer to this question about moving private to public collaborations? Q.Do you decrease your allocation of public collaborations when you change a private collaboration from private to public?
A bit of remixing on this... and my dear friend from high school (we were in the rock band Illusions of Exstacy sang the lead on this version. It is good to be alive in the time of DAWs.
If you like smooth music, hear this one.
sdaddyo / Don Stanton 14 days ago
I collaborated on this one with my Brother-in-law(Tracy Hutchison). I have it on my wall as a project.
Looking Out For... singer and drummer :))
nemonty / NE MONTY 14 days ago
This is for all those we’ve lost over the years. Filgood left us shortly after this recording, and we’ve lost so many important influences it makes me thankful that we still have these recordings to remember them by. Let’s hope 2021 will remember them and produce more memorable collaborations that will live on. Nemonty
Was wondering if there were any good rap or trap engineers out there who would be willing to mix the rap vocals into this track for me? You can go to this link to see what's been done so far and read the comments to see where the project is at in it's current state: Please let me know if you can help out, thanks, Mark
Hi Everyone I am currently producing a cover version of Chaka Khan's 'My Funny Valentine' to be used as a backing track for a singer I am working with. I am looking for a guitarist who can play jazz, r&b or soul guitar riffs and fills. Many of the guitar sample packs and loops I've listened to have produced nothing suitable. If anyone is interested please do get in touch. Thank you Martin
PIRATE JENNY sung by Judy Collins You gentlemen can watch while I'm scrubbin' the floor And I'm scrubbin' the floor while you're gawking And maybe once you tipped me and it made you feel swell In a ratty waterfront in this ratty-old hotel But you'll never know to who you're talkin' You never know to who you're talkin' Suddenly, one night, there's a scream in the night And you yelled, "What the hell could that have been?" And you see me kinda grinnin' while I'm scrubbin' And you say, "What's she got to grin?" And the ship, a Black Freighter With a skull on its masthead will be comin' in Then you gentlemen can say, "Hey, girl, finish the floors Get upstairs, make the beds, earn your keep here" You toss me your tips and look out at the ships But I'm countin' your heads while I make up the beds 'Cause there's nobody gonna sleep here Tonight, none of you will sleep here Then, that night, there's a bang in the night And you yelled, "Who's that kicking up a row?" And you see me kinda starin' out the window And you say, "What's she got to stare at now?" And the ship, the Black Freighter Turns around in the harbor, shootin' guns from the bow Then you gentlemen can wipe off the laugh from your face Every building in town is a flat one Your whole stinking place will be down to the ground Only this cheap hotel standin' up safe and sound And you ask, "Why did they spare that one?" And you ask, "Why did they spare that one?" All the night through, with the noise and to-do You wonder, who's the person lives up there? Then you see me steppin' out in the mornin' Lookin' nice with a ribbon in my hair And the ship, the Black Freighter Runs the flag up its masthead and a cheer rings the air By noontime the dock is all swarmin' with men Comin' off of that ghostly freighter And they're movin' in the shadows where no one can see And they're chainin' up people and bringin' them to me Askin' me, "Kill them now or later?" Askin' me, "Kill them now, or later?" Noon by the clock and so still on the dock You can hear the foghorn miles away In that quiet of death I'll say, "Right now" Then they'll pile up the bodies and I'll say, "That'll learn ya" And the ship, The Black Freighter Disappears out to sea and on it is me Music by Kurt Weill / English lyrics by Marc Blitzstein / original lyrics in German by Berthold Brecht from THE THREEPENNY OPERA
Scouser / Joe Murphy 15 days ago
Would just like to say hi to everyone, I've not been here for years. Just wondered if any of my old pals were still here ? I am looking to get started on an album and could use some assistance. If anyone is interested then please drop me a line. Happy new year everyone
Looking for a vocalist. If you're interested, feel free to DM me. I could probably put together a rough vocal guide if needed. Thanks in advance for any interest:)
Great drums from Brian... And really cool bass line from Julian ! Still missing: Lyrics, Vocals and other stuff Please have a look at the Help Wanted List. Hope you like it ;)
Happy Pleasant Valley Sunday! :) (PS, .. I'll share another one .. this Tuesday .. in the afternoon, .. it will really surprise you)
Full-retro...Dimitris, Ralph, JC, and Gabro deserve a hand in making this such a special project to work on. <3
Nimrod / J W 15 days ago
Remember boys there are many secrets to a "long" and "deep" relationship wakening them properly is one them especially on a Sunday, I love to give her some of dat little girls skip before heading out to church still the best deal like ever man has made in and it only cost us a rib.
Hiya, Community. I've made some complete drum tracks available (11 stems + a rough mixdown) for all y'all to dig into. I hope you enjoy playing with these.
Nimrod / J W 16 days ago
"Where My Money" Fire, Fire, burning higher, making music like a sweet choir!
This track is open for severals idea, just waiting for your talent :)!

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