ICE Theme Song Contest

Getting Started

There are two ways to participate in a Kompoz contest. You can either:

  1. Start a Collaboration
  2. Join a Collaboration

All contest entries begin as a collaboration. As a contestant, you work with other Kompoz artists to create a finished song from the files provided. The goal is to collaborate with others to create a new original piece.

Option 1

If you choose option 1 (start a new collaboration), we'll generate a collaboration for you and automatically add the contest seps and other assets to that collaboration. You can then download the seps from the collaboration and import them into your favorite DAW.

We'll also list your collaboration on the contest page so that others can find it and join in. You must create the collaboration from the contest page, using the Start Collaboration button. This will ensure that the contest assets are copied to your project, and that it is linked to the contest.

Option 2

You can browse the existing collaborations created for this contest and upload an idea to any of them. This is exactly the same process as exists for any public collaboration on Kompoz. The collaboration owner will either accept your upload, or archive it. If your upload is accepted, you become an official participant in that collaboration, and thereby a contestant in this contest.


  1. To learn more about downloading and uploading tracks, watch our tutorials.
  2. Replace any sep with your own, change the genre, add vocals, add a cowbell -- the sky is the limit. We want to hear your new original interpretation of this song. Be creative.
  3. Invite other artists to collaborate with you.
  4. Be original. A re-mix is generally not enough. We want to hear new ideas created with your instruments.
  5. While you can choose to hide your collaboration as a Private Collaboration, it's best to list it as public, so that others can jump in and help.