ICE Theme Song Contest


  • Kompoz: operator of
  • Sponsor: ICE Music Festival
  • Contestant: Any person who participates in the contest.
  • Works/Contest Works: any music, lyrics, etc created for this contest.


  • By entering the contest, downloading the sponsor's track(s) or uploading to a collaboration in this contest, you agree to the Rules of the Contest and the Terms and Conditions of Kompoz.
  • Contestants can use the sponsor's track(s) only for the purpose of the contest.
  • Kompoz/Sponsor have full discretion to select a winner/settle disputes.
  • Prizes will be awarded at Kompoz's discretion.
  • Contestants are responsible for paying taxes on prizes.
  • Kompoz artists are limited to participating on three collaborations.
  • Kompoz or the sponsor assume no liability as a result of the contestant's participation and the contestant indemnifies Kompoz and the sponsor.


  • At least two (2) Kompoz Artists must collaborate for a valid entry
  • Before submitting a collaboration to the contest, all files must be accepted or archived.
  • Only collaborators with accepted tracks will be considered participants of the submitted entries.
  • Collaborations created for this contest are counted as part of the pricing plan limits.


  • All work submitted by any contestant must be original and free of copyright.
  • Contestants will not be paid for their work except for any prizes they may receive.
  • The ICE On The Beach Festival will have non-exclusive rights to use the song in festival promotion for 5 years. ICE On The Beach Festival will have exclusive rights pertaining to Festival use. Songwriters & collaborators will retain all rights to the music & lyrics, with the exception of Festival use, as ICE On The Beach Festival will have exclusive Festival rights for five (5) years.

Kompoz Rights

  • Kompoz has the right to indicate the work was 'created on Kompoz'; use a contestant's work, name and image in connection with the contest or the operation of its site.
  • Kompoz, or its assignee, has the right to play any contest works for no fee on its site and related sites.
  • Kompoz has the right to disqualify any entry.