Praise of Songs (Haha... see what I did here?)

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Guur / Ottavio Croma 9mo+22dy ago This one is a very nice Collaboration between Ellen DXY (Amazing vocals), Miclesmusicproduction and Eric Rosenthal (great sounding guitars on this track). Really great job from everyone involved in this collaboration, keep this up guys!

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Guur / Ottavio Croma 9mo+23dy ago
I created this group because there is so much hidden talent among the Kompoz Community which does not get the credit it deserves. So the idea is, if you stumble upon a project which you think deserves to be praised, please spread the word so the Community can know about it. I would like to start with this one: Great job by Skookum, leesharp and Ecopunk. Kudos to you guys!

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