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jannik / Jannik Gade 4 days ago
Hi all, I wanted to start a production or producer of the month to encourage producers to share their work and to inspire other producers' creativity. Here's how it works: 1. You share the link to an original kompoz collaboration in the comment to the poll and give a *reason for why you think this production should win. ( ) 2. I add it as an option to the poll. 3. Votes are cast. 4. A jury selects a winner from the top 3 collaborations. All top 3 collaborations will be considered in case of a tie. The poll ends at the end of any given month at 10PM(CEST). Submissions and voting remain open until the end of this date and time. Nominations outside and nominations without description and covers will not be considered. Every month a fresh poll and message is made and the circle starts again. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *It's hard to say what constitutes a good production but here are some pointers: - Does it sound professional? - Are the instruments well played? - Does the structure of the song make sense for what it wants to convey and for the genre? - Are there built up's between the sections? - Have there been made some "ear catchers" to keep the listener interested throughout the song? This could be delays on specific words/sections, instrument markings etc.

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jannik / Jannik Gade 13 days ago
I've been wanting to create a Roxette style song ever since the passing of Roxette's Marie Fredriksson late last year. What are the main components in a Roxette production? What approach would you take to create a Roxette sounding song?

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jannik / Jannik Gade 14 days ago
Hi all, It'll soon be time to vote for next month's production of the month. But before the nomination and voting starts I'd like to get your opinions on how the voting and nomination should be made. Feel free to add options in the comment to this poll:

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jannik / Jannik Gade 21 days ago
Hi all, All 23 votes have been counted and the results are in! This months production of the month is .... *drum roll* ..... IT'S A TIE! Here in alphabetical order: Friend Request and Rhodes_Man have both received 21% of the votes! The two productions are very different in my opinion: Rhodes_Man has a lot of different musicians involved and I feel that it derives a lot of interest from these performances. Only thinking about the management task of pulling all these things together into a coherent song is a feat of it's own. Friend Request on the other hand has only three collaborators but where this song really shines is in the vocals and vocal processing. The usage of the rap type vocals, pitch shifting and effects is something which isn't seen that often on kompoz. What are your thoughts on these productions? FRIEND REQUEST Adio a a dubrae Mark Taylor TSTstudios Tommy Hellsten RHODES_MAN JeanLui JeanL T Midipunk Pete Midipunk bassman78fr Philippe Pansard MikeJM Mike Mantecon NathanDetroit Nathan Goodman Graiouf francois Graiouf Bulldawg Steve Bull gabrojazz Gabro Jazz beethonin Tony Munoz liljoe6string Joey six EllenDXY Ellen Kussy DrumTorque Pepino Lorenzo

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jannik / Jannik Gade 24 days ago
Produce Like a Pro (which I sometimes think should be called mix like a pro) isn't the only resource out there on production tips but they do have a lot of good tips! Which of these things do you do in your productions? Please give examples in the comments :)

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jannik / Jannik Gade 25 days ago
I just came across this video from Produce Like A Pro about 11 mistakes to avoid in music production. Warren Huart starts off by putting some words on what a producer did in the old days vs what a producers role is today. Although the financial tips aren't directly applicable on kompoz it would make sense to talk royalties and splits. What's your impression on these tips?

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LeiK / Leila Ganjaei 26 days ago
I am looking for a female Japanese singer who can provide the vocals for Cherry, the lead singer of MYZTIK.

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EllenDXY / Ellen Kussy 29 days ago
The SECRET of a GREAT SOUNDING TRACK! So I agree with Wietse. He's Dutch, but you can hardly hear that ;)

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BrokenBString / Chris Matthews 30 days ago
Credit for the Producer? Maybe we could ask Raf to build into K3.0 a prompt at the time a project is marked completed and the credits are being handed out. Who did the heavy lifting, the file management, the washing up, the chasing seps, the finding a kazoo player etc etc in this project? That would raise the profile of the Producer's role and help define it.

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BrokenBString / Chris Matthews 1mo+2dy ago
There are two forces a work on Kompoz. One is the "anything can happen and we don't know where this will lead" force. The other is the "will somebody please make a decision about which bass track to use" force. The Producer role emerges out of the personalities involved in the initial stages of a project; somebody seems to take charge of realising one of the possibilities. The other possibilities become spinoffs. And in many way the role of Producer is a thankless task; pandering to delicate egos, chasing people for the tracks they promised, maintaining audio standards, getting mono dry seps with a sync tone out of people etc. In many ways it's like being the office junior. I doubt many folk on Kompoz would readily accept the role of Producer without also being able to contribute creatively via their own musical talent. Now, I just read through that lot and realised it's just a brain dump. So there's my brain dump for y'all. Oh, by the way, I LOVE producing stuff as long as I love listening to it right from the first rough.

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jannik / Jannik Gade 1mo+2dy ago
I don't know how it works with notifications in groups but I added a post in the forum "Tips and Tricks" under the name "How to get a production off the ground" ( I list some of the production decisions I made during the course of making the song to illustrate some of the tasks of a producer. Feel free to check it out and to leave your thoughts :) ---- Let me know if someone wants to have a manager role in this group.

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Created September 19, 2020 by jannik



In alphabetical order:

Friend Request




This is a group for people interested in production. Today's producers have many different tasks including: arranging, recording, performing, mixing etc.

From my time on here kompoz I've come to think that the role of producers has been very much neglected or overlooked.
This often results in that songs: 

  • Never get off the ground because users don't know how to make their idea to a full song. 
  • End up having some low quality MIDI instrument parts without any dynamics. 
  • Become a mess of incoherent user submitted tracks which lack a vision of what is good for the song.
  • Are poorly mixed/mastered and therefore do not give those involved the gratification of a good product. 

A good producer should be able to address these issues to get a song from initial idea to finished product.

Feel free to use this group to share tips and ideas, ask questions and get feedback on your productions!

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