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Adio / a a 1mo+14dy ago
A little twist-off from the fanfare...

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dubrae / Du Brae 1mo+20dy ago

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CurlyFryTheKamakaziKid / Marquise Berry 2mo+27dy ago
Yo, Anyone Want to sign on Rapscallion records? we're an independent rap label so we don't take a percentage on a song, it's just a forum for artists to collaborate and grow together.

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CurlyFryTheKamakaziKid / Marquise Berry 3 months ago
some one hop on this track! (stream sales will be split 50/50)

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softie / Matthew Nenni 3mo+11dy ago
Do what's right!

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placeholder / sussy baka 3mo+11dy ago
how does this work? am new

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CurlyFryTheKamakaziKid / Marquise Berry 3mo+14dy ago
so is this still an active rap group?

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Adio / a a 4mo+15dy ago
Most people don't know where they are headed, but i tell them it's clearly your mom's vagina. That's where your head gets attached...

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Adio / a a 8mo+27dy ago
Did the factory make Willy or did Willy make the factory...

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Adio / a a 11 months ago

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