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minime / minime c 1mo+8dy ago
Today is a good day ! I am now on a Project with Rory Barrington ! It is the Project from Doc called K Sauce ! I am a bit proud now and later when my wife comes home I can boastful say ..........look wife this is me and I am with Rory now on a Project ! A big thing for a real Rory Barrington Fanatic !!!


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minime   commented 1mo+8dy ago

I think I've just grown a little after it has happen ! Do I have to measure right away later but by feel it is so !

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Redfish   commented 1mo+8dy ago

I'm jealous ....... did he introduce to to Raquel, Mini?

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minime   commented 1mo+8dy ago

Raquel is typically for a woman only a sidekick ! Rory is the thing and only Rory ! Have I mentioned that I am a Fanatic or like the most say a Fan ? When that Fan Group here grows a bit more I have the idea to make an extra Group for Rory Hooligans ! A Social thingy where people can then also meet with other in the real world for fights with rival Fan Groups ! I could sell then Rory cloak-sticks , Rory Knifes , Rory Machine Guns and all that stuff ! Oooh and Rory first aid kits for the after party events ! Rory laundry detergent for the Blood on the Rory Fan T shirt with a 100 % Rory garaunty for extra clean Fan clothings after the battle ! There is also a business idea behind that Group thing .........on the long run !

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DocDaFunk   commented 1mo+8dy ago

Nobody ain't talkin to Raquel but me