The Kompoz One Week Wonder Competition

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WillaWay / WillaWay Studio 1mo+19dy ago
A lot of details to iron out yet, but thanks to everyone's feedback, I think we're off to a great start!

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WillaWay / WillaWay Studio 1mo+3dy ago
Update: Through talks with my co-panel members, we have come to the conclusion that the contest will be part of 2022 events. This decision was based on numerous reasons, such as the holidays fast approaching and the rollout of Kompoz 3.0. It could be a good start to a new year! Thanks:)

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WillaWay / WillaWay Studio 1mo+14dy ago
Panel filled.

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Redfish / Tony Gee 1mo+18dy ago
when will the competition start?

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Created October 9, 2021 by WillaWay

Community Contest.


This group has been created to gather feedback and distribute information about the "Kompoz One Week Wonder Contest"

Contest info will be regularly updated as needed.  All announcements regarding the contest will be available here. Thank you in advance for any feedback provided.





Rules and Criteria


- Participating teams must consist of 2-6 members.

- Song entries may be instrumental or may include vocals.

- Song entries must be 3 minutes in length minimum and must not exceed 5 minutes.

- Participating teams will have a total of 7 days to complete their song entry (No exceptions will be made.)

- Participating teams may be formed and enter at any time during the contest duration.

- Songs entered must be a final mastered version.

- Songs must be new a new work specifically created for said contest. 

- Songs must be original work. (No covers)


- All final entries will be presented to a panel of 3 judges to be analyzed. The panel will have up to 48 hours to determine the winner (subject to change, based on the number of entries submitted) 

- Panel members are exempt from contest entry.

- Winner will be announced promptly upon the panel's decision.


- Upon contest announcement, parameters will be revealed to participants. Including, but not limited to- genre, bpm, and key signatures.






Disclaimer: This overview is still in development and may be subject to change.