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offthewall / James Fraser 1mo+28dy ago
For future reference. I don't know how to post Spotify user details as my stuff is sent there through Distrokid. This page links to all my Distrokid projects which also go out to Amazon, Itunes, AppleMusic, et al. https://hyperfollow.com/offthewallmusic


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threemancult   commented 1mo+28dy ago

You don't need any user details from Spotify. All you need is the "sharable link" to a song of your on Spotify. I added the lead track from your "Shake(speare)" project to the list

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offthewall   commented 1mo+28dy ago

Great, Thanks. I see now how it works. Confused as I'm not a Spotify (listening) user so have no idea how their model works.

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threemancult   commented 1mo+28dy ago

Glad to help out James - so how DO you like Distrokid ???

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m3roadworx   commented 1mo+28dy ago

Just as James I also use Distrokid. It is awesome. They have made a huge effort to make the submission process as smooth as possible. It is well worth the subscription fee.